Meier Celebrates 40 Years

In the past 40 years, our focus is micro-sized components that are within some of the most common lifesaving and life-protecting devices today, serving both the medical and defense industries. They keep our hearts beating, send signals to our brains, enable microsurgery, improve our joint and hearing health, and ensure that soldiers in the field never have to question the reliability of the technology at hand.

For these parts, quality excellence and on-time delivery are critical—which is what Meier, a Cretex company, has focused on providing for the past 40 years. “Meier has always been known for quality, even as quality requirements in these highly regulated industries have dramatically increased,” said Anja White, president of Meier. “We also understand our customers’ priorities: risk management, costs and speed to market. That’s why customers never need to worry when they get a part from us. We take that worry away. We see that for the next five, 10 and 40 years as we remain a desirable employer and customer partner in this space.”

As Meier celebrates its 40th anniversary milestone, its focus—as always—is on its customers as it continues to grow, innovate and invest to meet their ever-expanding needs. Backed by Cretex, with more than a century of expertise in medical device manufacturing and a strong financial portfolio, Meier consistently remains in the top 10 percent of medical device contract manufacturers thanks to quality-validated technology and a detailed product life-cycle process that informs customers of their product status at every step.

“We know that our component parts are used in devices that restore health, help alleviate pain and help improve the quality of people’s lives, and in many cases, extend people’s lives. What we do is critical, and that resonates with our employees,” said Lynn Schuler, president and CEO of Cretex. “When you find an organization like Meier with good people and great products, if you can support that and invest in that and help them continue to grow their business to meet a milestone like this, that’s a tremendous accomplishment.”

For Rick Meier, who founded Meier in 1979 in the basement of his home and sold the company to Cretex in 2008, the anniversary is particularly meaningful. “When I sold Meier, part of it was my desire for Meier to be eternally successful. I also wanted its culture to remain centered on our desire to make and keep aggressive commitments to our customers, along with our ability to hire the best, apply best practices in development and training, and stay competitive within our industry. I see that continuing for the next 40 years.”