Advanced quality systems through all stages of product development

The Meier quality system was designed to meet the most exacting standards of our customers. This includes advanced quality planning during the tool design and build stages through validation and transfer of the product to the manufacturing floor. Meier recognizes that the quality of your device is only as good at the quality of the parts supplied and we invest significant time and effort to assure that the components we supply meet your exacting requirements.

  • Certified Quality System
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Comprehensive and proven validation processes
    • Component verification testing
    • Tooling and Process IQ, OQ, PQ
    • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • State-of-the-art quality lab
    • Vision measurement systems
    • XRF testing of incoming raw materials

Quality Policy

The Cretex Medical group of companies is committed to:

  • Achieving or exceeding customer expectations
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the quality management system while complying with regulatory requirements
  • Empowering and developing employees
  • Fostering a culture of operational excellence and continual improvement


Meier is driven to be the global leader for contract manufacturing of precision metal components and subassemblies. As part of this goal, we have developed a comprehensive quality program that is certified to international quality system requirements:

Quality Certification